Harold Cross

Harold Cross has not left his house for eighteen years. He spends most of his time asleep. When not asleep, he sits on a wooden kitchen chair and stares at a wall (always the same wall). When not staring at a wall, he reads books. When not reading books, or staring at a wall, he scribbles and doodles on sheets of A4 paper with blue Biro. His books, paper, blue Biros, and indeed food, are supplied by his neighbour Dan. Harold does not like Dan, but is prepared to pretend he likes Dan as long as Dan continues to provide books, paper, blue Biros and food. What Dan gets out of this arrangement is impossible to say.”

This statement was written on an A4 piece of paper and given to Dan. Dan was saddened, but unsurprised, to learn that Harold doesn’t like him. Dan will continue to supply Harold Cross with books, paper, blue Biros, and food. If you have any questions about The Case of the Stolen Sky-Blue Husband, please address them to Dan. Dan will do his best to get an answer from Harold Cross. But please keep in mind that Harold Cross is tempermental, contrary, and often asleep.

Note: The picture is not Harold. Owls do not write fiction.